Choose PARAS for better finance administration of your Hospital


Growth is the goal of every hospital. In order to improve the hospital’s efficiency and expand its footprints, it is necessary to streamline the finance and administration departments of the hospitals. Hence the progress of the hospitals depends upon tracking and streamlining of finance operations.

PARAS being a bi-directional integrated solution enhances and maximizes the efficiency of the hospital by facilitating smooth flow of all modules. The functionality developed by PARAS integrates all modules ensuring no revenue leakages. The integration of patient’s registration, billing, material and asset management, HR module with finance module has seamlessly enabled better administration of finance. This has not only ensured better financial accounting management system but also has streamlined many operations in the hospital.

Besides, PARAS has enabled and follows auto-posting system that manages various business transactions and integrates them with finance system. Hence the account payables and receivables are intact thereby ensuring better finance flow in the hospital. With this PARAS has not only delivered better patient care but also better finance module.

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