PARAS and Compliance Reporting


 The goal of every organization can be achieved by conforming to certain set of rules, regulations standards and law. Hence accomplished organizations always believe in relying on standards and making inroads into enhancing their performance.

Hospitals being the prime areas to nurture and nourish the health of every person, have to adopt solutions that are pre conformed to certain set of standards. Conforming to standards not only enhance hospital’s standards but also ensures safety of the patients and improves quality of healthcare.

PARAS offers comprehensive solutions to hospitals which complies to major internationally accepted standards. PARAS complies to NABH as well as JCI by ensuring to reduce medical errors and misidentification of patients through patient identification section which is uniform across the application. With this uniform data flow, hospital’s operations are streamlined thereby maximizing efficiency. NABH and JCI not only ensure increased quality of health care provision but also facilitates guidelines for quality reports. PARAS provides smooth platform for retrieval of data and thereby easily complies upto 64 indicator sets of quality reports.

While ensuring uniformity PARAS also guarantees data security and safety of the patient’s records. The patient’s data is safeguarded with the help of HIPAA standards as well as HL7 standards that help in secured electronic data exchange across different health care systems.

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