No one has time to wait. And with PARAS no one is made to wait!


Time never stands still. Time is the most essential element because it cannot be reclaimed again. So it is necessary to save time that is being wasted unnecessarily. One of the most frustrating and pointless way to spend time is waiting in a queue. Waiting in long queue frustrates all of us, especially in hospitals. Sometimes patients wait for hours together even after taking appointments. Hence PARAS has enabled a functionality that helps in systematic queue management flow in hospitals.

Queue management makes the process very easy and comfortable .The system improves the efficiency of the hospital by taking care of all the activities starting from the patient’s registration to the time of clearing the bill. The patients are assisted with the required information at every stage of consultation through large size LED Display Systems. With the display of patient’s appointment number the patient can decide to manage the waiting time as per his convenience. The system also enables the Doctor to recall the patients to put onto some procedures or to call for any assistance. The system also helps in clearing the patient’s name who is not responding for a long time from the list.

Besides this, PARAS has also enabled a functionality that has sms and email alert system. With this the patient can receive notifications, reminders and reports through their emails and sms thereby saving the cost of time to travel to hospitals. With the online booking system, patients can book the beds and save both time and energy.

With these convenient systems PARAS has maximized the efficiency of the hospitals by enhancing patient engagement activity.

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