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“As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler”. It is one of the famous theories many psychologists believe in. It is indeed true. With intense observation and prolonged thought process these psychologists have applied this basic law to various aspects of life. One of the prime aspects is relating this to work. When you simplify your work, everything in life starts looking simple.

Why should you complicate your work unnecessarily? We are living in a world where technology is readily available and has become an integral part of our daily lives. Hence it is always better to adopt technology whenever required and simplify your work and operations. One of the most important platforms where there is a need to adopt right technology to simplify operations is hospitals.

Simplifying hospital’s operations not only facilitates communication across multiple channels but also saves lives of millions. Hence hospitals should take giant strides in establishing themselves and update their technology time and again.

One of the most sophisticated systems that automate complete flow of all modules is PARAS. PARAS offering a comprehensive solution to hospitals has enabled a revolutionary communication which enhances better patient care.

In-order to streamline the operations, PARAS integrates and updates the hospital flow on real time basis that enables smooth facilitation between clinical and non-clinical, PAS and ERP modules. The system not only connects the entire HMIS flow but also maintains and monitors work flow and operations using the work list management. PARAS does not limit itself to just maintaining and monitoring the work lists, but acts as reminder, updating the status of various operations.

Besides this, ease of verification of data and assets can be done with the help of barcoding system enabled by PARAS. The new barcoding system developed by PARAS scans the information and verifies various details reducing manual errors. Hence PARAS, reduces manual errors through bar-coding system, tracks and connects the HMIS flow through its integrated solutions. Hence it is always better to implement smart, appropriate technologies that eases and simplifies hospital’s workflow

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