HR is the key differentiator in Healthcare business. Large multi-city hospitals recognize the key to their brand and corporate growth is effective management of staff across different branches. Moreover, most hospitals manage the critical function with limited people, hence have to highly optimize the employee engagement process.  

HRMS Module by PARAS enables hospitals to automate and optimize the Human Resource management process and save significant time, effort and resources

In PARAS HRMS, employee process such as leave management and payroll management are linked together so that accounting becomes scientific and process control. Our client hospitals have gained following advantages by deploying PARAS ERP:

  • Automated salary generation
  • In-built pay calculator
  • Takes in account all deductions like, loan, PF, and any allowance being given
  • PF and salary certificate generation upon request


Employees will also be benefited from adoption of PARAS HRMS. They get salary slips on time, with minimal paperwork involved. Leave application was easy as they could see the number of leaves availed and leaves leftover in real time.

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