PARAS - perfect solution for a perfect hospital


Patient safety is a very important part of any health care system. Due to medical errors many have lost their lives. Keeping our patients safe is a challenging issue as manual errors and mistakes frequently occur. Most of the chaos in the hospitals happens due to misidentification of patients leading to the medical errors. Hence there is a need for a system that not only stops the medication errors but also reduces the problems of misidentification. It is therefore mandatory for all hospitals to have a safety system in place.

PARAS has introduced a unique alert mechanism and color code mechanism. With the help of alert mechanism the healthcare providers get the alert of expiry dates of various drugs and  also helps them to reorder medications. Besides this, the color code mechanism makes patient identification easy and error free. The classification of diseases is done by color coding mechanism that enables appropriate treatment for patients. Hence using PARAS will help hospitals to take utmost care of patients and serve humanity better. 

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