PARAS saves many lives!!


Hospitals save millions of lives every day and it is not an easy task. Every hospital should not only focus to enhance better patient care but also considerably value one’s life and work to reduce mortality rates. Every year millions of people lose their life due to medication errors and human errors. Hence there is a need for a system to monitor drug prescriptions and thereby reduce the death rates in the hospital.

For appropriate drug use, many measures are involved. One of the most important measures would be to enable notification and alert mechanism in hospitals. PARAS offers robust solution to various hospitals enabling notifications and alert mechanisms that alerts the consultants for the appropriate use of medications. Most of the time consultants are unaware of various allergies and reactions of patients towards medications. Hence there requires a system that time to time alerts the consultants and monitor the drug usage based on the patient’s status.

PARAS with its comprehensive solution, provides superior patient care for administering medications. Hence it is indeed proud to announce that PARAS has saved not only hospitals but also millions of lives.

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