Hospitals can deliver quality outcomes with PARAS.



With the rapid growth in healthcare sector, hospitals need to maximize efficiency and reduce both manual and medical errors. The needs of every patient changes by patient to patient, therefore it is necessary to identify the medical needs of the patients and streamline operations that can prevent errors and enables decision making process.

Hence, with the latest technology developments, hospitals are significantly witnessing rapid growth in Infrastructure development, creation of demand for higher levels of healthcare, rising awareness of end users and enabling decision making process by tracking operations.

PARAS has now enabled a solution that helps hospitals in decision making. PARAS with its unique solution provides mechanism that can identify and predict some of the chronic illness and diseases and discover drugs that can prevent them. Data compiled and provided by PARAS aids health care providers in overcoming major challenges in decision making and tracking the outcome of those decisions. Hence PARAS improves the efficiency of the hospital.

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