PARAS enables multiple benefits


With the growing demands in healthcare sector, hospitals should now gear up to adopt new technology. Every hospital’s objective to deliver better patient care can be achieved with the implementation of right system. In order to streamline hospital’s operations, there is a need of a system that helps in accessing of various data on real time basis. PARAS with its integrated system helps hospitals in collection of data on real time basis.

With the help of EMR, PARAS captures patient’s compiled information such as patient’s demographics, history, clinical encounters and diagnostics reports. This collected EMR not only helps physicians in arriving at statistical analysis but also enables them to take appropriate decisions, related to evidence based medicine & preventive health care. Besides the Clinical data analysis enabled by PARAS aids in redirecting operation and facilitates in quality improvement processes. The data collection and analysis not only ensures authenticity of data but also consumes minimal amount of time of physicians. Hence it is mandatory for every hospital to opt system like PARAS that plays a major role in clinical analysis and decision making process.

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