Delivering better outcomes with PARAS.


With increasing population, hospitals are stretching its footprints across to cater to the needs of the patients even in the remotest corner of the world.

The growing population both in urban and rural areas have raised the concerns among physicians to keep the track of patient’s health records. Besides, the changing lifestyles and busy schedule makes it difficult for people to visit hospitals frequently in order to access their health records. Hence there is a need of a system that eases and saves the time of  both patients and the physician.

PARAS that brings transformational change in the healthcare industry, reduces the work by enabling the access of health records to both patients and physicians.  With the right mix of innovation and technology, PARAS has enhanced patient care. PARAS EHR is a completely integrated system having all clinical data entry modules such as CPOE, Clinician documentations, Nursing Documentation, Paraclinical and Patient Administrative System.

The EHR centric flow of PARAS complies to international standards of EHR and interoperability thus helping in easy health information exchange. With its enhanced EHR centric Patient Care Management, all the patient related datas can be exchanged and accessed at any point of time by physicians. This not only reduces physician’s time in entering and checking clinical data but also helps doctors to spend additional time in treating patients. Hence with its latest developments, PARAS not only helps in saving patient’s and physician’s unnecessary time but also enables physicians and patients to access personal health record at any point of time for cross consultation & panel discussions.

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