PARAS helps in reducing patient’s waiting time.

From kids to adult, everybody hates to wait. Specially waiting time in hospitals seem very long and leaves no choice for visitors except to kill the time. Not only does it make visitors impatient, it also fails to treat critical patients at the right time. Clinical time with patients is a resource which no hospital can afford to waste. It is mandatory for every hospital to streamline appointment system inorder to manage patient waiting time. To maximize efficiency of every hospital, PARAS has enabled queue management system that tracks the status of the patients thereby prioritizing them according to their critical condition. PARAS help the hospitals in streamlining queue management system. PARAS with its unique solutions has ensured successful implementation of hospital plans. With its qualitative growth, PARAS has delivered outstanding services to its customers.

The queue management system prioritizes patients according to their status and reduces patient waiting time. Hence PARAS stands high in helping hospitals to save patient’s life and also their time.


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