PARAS ensures success of your hospital


The Healthcare Industry is going through a complete transformational phase. The hospitals are now trying hard to make the patient journey smoother by achieving a quick recovery time from ailments and also focusing on patient safety. Healthcare institutions around the world are redefining and re-innovating various operating methods to increase their hospital patient inflow. With PARAS in place, hospitals are able to achieve their goals and objectives. PARAS maximizes operational efficiency and also ensures smooth streamlining of hospital patient inflow.

The new enhanced barcoding system by PARAS enables proper work flow at multiple levels. Right from the registration stage to the asset tracking stage, PARAS takes care of everything. All the hospital transactions can be tracked with the help of barcoding system. Besides this, the lab samples can also be streamlined with the help of barcodes that is assigned to each sample thereby reducing the risk of samples getting mismatched. The system not only tracks assets of the hospital, it also monitors patient identity and status. Therefore PARAS would be the right solution for many hospitals that aims for international standards in patient safety.

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