PARAS enhances HR efficiency


PARAS is an integrated HMIS from Srishti software most hospital turn to for enhanced clinical and non-clinical cares. With its accomplishing steps, PARAS has now ventured with some of the most innovative technological aspects for its HR modules.

It is mandatory for every hospital to streamline operations from across various departments. Most healthcare providers cannot deny the fact that HR department is one of the most important departments in the hospitals. Hence it is very important to streamline HR flow in the hospitals. PARAS with its unique solutions enables proper HR flow in the hospitals by tracking payroll and TDS process. It is an integrated system that streamlines payroll process, investment calculations and TDS. PARAS not only helps HR to track the complete TDS of all employees but also helps Admin in investment calculation. Besides the employees also get the display of their investments and TDS calculation in their slip thereby helping them to keep track of their investments. Conclusively PARAS ensures efficiency in all operations thereby enabling better hospital administration.

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