PARAS everywhere, connect to your hospitals from handhelds


PARAS enables doctors to access the patient's details 24/7 from anywhere across the world. They can review and respond to the status on handhelds. Gone are those days when the doctors would search for patient's information on system or in physical files. PARAS now changes the trends in healthcare industry by contributing improved service delivery and communication between care recipients and healthcare providers through hand held devices. All that the doctors need to have is a hand held device fed with patient's EHR.

During the time of emergency situations, healthcare providers can take quick decisions due to availability of patient’s history, clinical and demographic details in their tablets. This system not only helps doctors but also patients as they can have easy access of their own personal health record that shows their prescriptions, reports and appointments. The hand held devices also enables cross consultation or multidisciplinary team discussion over patient’s condition. Hence, PARAS stands high catering to every need of healthcare providers, patients and healthcare institutions.


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