Want to keep your hospital Worry less, adopt PARAS




Tracking details of each patient, monitoring the status and responding quickly is what all hospitals aim for. PARAS offers complete hospital solution has achieved its excellence in managing HDU/ICU care. Using its proprietary dashboard, consultants can get the track of details of every patient and can view his critical parameters. The critical parameters of patients are displayed in one single screen that has the summary of criticality status. The status in the screen dynamically keeps changing reflecting the patient’s condition. The color code mechanism helps to identify and respond to patient’s criticality. The patient with severe criticality is coded with alert mechanism. The patient parameters are given values and are constantly updated in inputs and output charts. So based on the values, the consultants can come to the conclusion faster and sooner. Hence it is mandatory for every hospital to have a system that keeps track of patient’s critical status that helps doctors assess the treatments faster.

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