Multi-location- An Edge over Others


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Amongst market leading HMIS, PARAS multi location capability is a unique feature that distinguishes it from other products. Its multi –locational features enable hospitals to effectively manage their scale of operations without the inefficiencies of complexity.

PARAS can be configured on a Centralized Server to support one or more locations, multiple locations can be grouped at HQ level. Location level Reporting and aggregation at HQ can be done. Reports could be generated location-wise and group-wise, consolidated reports could be generated for all locations and also at Institution level.

Some of the key Highlights of this features are :

  • HR module: Employee details (Attendance, Salary, Duty Roster etc) can be configured at individual or multi-location.
  • Material Management I: Item details can be generated at any location. Item Request and Item Issue can happen from any location to any other location.
  • Material management II: It is possible to generate a PO from multiple PIs from different locations for a single supplier and items can be dispatched to different locations where GRN can be created.
  • Finance and Accounting : All Salary postings can be done automatically to individual location's accounts. Reports generated at any location can be accessed at any location.
  • Patient Administration System: Patient details are shared at all locations except billing which can be done only at that location. This provides flexibility for patients to go to any of the hospital's branches.
  • EMR/EHR records: This information will be available at all locations of the Hospital.




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