Towards a green future


We do not inherit the earth from ancestors, we borrow it from our children, goes a Chinese proverb. And, rightly so! While the rate of deforestation has taken a peek, scientists across the world have raised their alarm about the impending global warming.

The number of vehicles/factories emitting pollutants has multiplied. Coupled with deforestation, soon we would not have enough trees left to purify the air we live in. In a condition like this, businesses across the world, as a part of their corporate social responsibility, are actively engaged in giving back to the society what they have taken from it. Then, being a hospital why must you step back? Show your patients you care, not just for them but also for the community they live in by adopting the ‘green approach’ to business. How? Cut down on your paper usage by adopting the IT approach. An IT system will let you upload all documents online, reducing the carbon footprint of the entire business. Further, patient files available online can be easily sent within departments for second opinion.

And, it is a win-win situation on revenue side too. By adopting the IT way, hospitals can not just save the trees, but also save their own cost on stationeries and their filing and storage. 

Go Green is not a rage anymore. It has become a necessity. It is about time, hospitals march to a greener future, which also incidentally happens to be more efficient.  

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