Government hospitals considering the IT way

Government hospitals have to meet high patient density and reliable service. The hospital hire more admin staff to manage registration, billing, pharmacy, nursing and numerous other functions or do with. However, scarcity of budgets and dearth of on roll staff due to various reasons affects their services.

To tide over these challenges, government hospitals are adopting IT systems to shore up their healthcare delivery. Hospital administrators  have realized that the best solution lies in investing in an HIS system. An HIS system can easily hasten the process registration and billing process, helping the hospital manage the patient load efficiently and use the redundant human resource to deliver better service. Additionally, with HIS in place patient files can be stored electronically aiding admin staff to easily maintain patient records, send to doctors for second opinion and facilitate seamless information flow through different departments.

Srishti’s HIS system, Paras has evolved an egovernance solution with modules such as Disease Registry System, Disease Surveillance System, Business Intelligence Tool, Public Health Management. These help in effective management of government hospitals across the globe.



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