Disease Registry Solution- The intelligent business tool

DR or Disease Registry is fast emerging as an intelligent business tool in the healthcare setting. Disease Registry represents a unique and powerful model for the collection of observational or epidemiological data from a defined patient population on a specific medical condition. The data collected can be used for post-approval research to accelerate FDA approvals, speed up innovation and alert companies to potential problems. As a predictive tool it can also be used to forecast the occurrence of certain epidemics in a specific population.

Despite these obvious advantages, the adoption of DR has been rather slow. Integration of the Disease Registry with third party HIS system is a major hurdle that is affecting the deployment of DR solutions. Srishti presents PARAS Disease Registry Solution- a patient centric, all conditions registry that brings evidence-based medicine to the point of care without stifling each physician's individualized excellence. PARAS Disease Registry’s comes with the following robust functions:

  • New Care recipient Registration
  • Disease Registry bases 
  • Record Association
  • Sample collection
  • Clinical module
  • Birth details
  • Genomic details
  • Neuro Genetics
  • Metabolic disorders


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