CDSS: Towards intelligent diagnosis



CDSS or Clinical decision support system has garnered a lot of attention from the medical fraternity over the recent years, some of them even calling it an intelligent way of looking at the future of healthcare. In medical terms CDSS has been defined as an interactive decision support system, designed to assist physicians and other health professionals with decision-making tasks, such as determining diagnosis of patient data. A modern CDSS enables clinicians to interact with the system and help determine diagnosis, analysis of patient data. 

While the system is highly acclaimed, there are certain challenges to its implementation. The first challenge is the ability of CDSS to integrate itself with the clinical workflow of the hospital for smooth functioning. Further, updating CDSS with clinical research and medical trials being published on an ongoing basis may put significant strain on the application and infrastructure maintenance.

Srishti offers CDSS bundled with PARAS that can seamlessly integrate with the present HIS system of a hospital and assists doctors in diagnosis. It has been designed in such a way, that it does not demean the knowledge and experience of a doctor. Instead it works as an assistant to the doctor, helping them in better diagnosis. While the challenges are being worked on, CDSS is being hailed as one of the important tools to provide quality patient care. 

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