TeleMedicare: Future is now


A decade ago, the concept of imparting healthcare facilities to patients in remote villages through electronic information and communication technology seemed like an ambitious projects. Hospitals like Arvind Eye and others pioneered the medical camps to attract more tertiary patients, but with many challenges on physical infrastructure, doctors and administration. 

Today, thanks to ubiquitous IT, reaching out to far away places and yet provide quality and affordable care has become real. And, it is called Telemedicare. Extending healthcare services to remote locations without setting the entire infrastructure of hospital is extremely cost effective for the hospital. Patients living in remote areas gain access to affordable healthcare. Hospitals gain by increasing their reach, bringing in more revenues, by tertiary care bringing in more patients into the system, somewhat similar to Medical camps. Hence, Telemedicare is a win-win situation for both healthcare providers and patients.

Thought leaders at Srishti, who are always ahead of the trend had predicted the boom way before it happened. This spurred our Srishti team in action. Leaders led their vision, the team, their expertise. They visualized the future and designed a TeleMedicare solution, which was way ahead of the time. Today, the solution has earned a lot of appreciation. PARAS Telemedicare Solution provided by Srishti uses both Communication and information technology to bring real-time direct collaborative patient care to people in remote villages. The solution is patient centric focusing more on collaborative care working with a chain of interconnected disciplines, while the patient remains stationed in their community.

General statistics say majority of world’s population lives in rural areas, which in case of developing nations are usually devoid proper healthcare facilities. In the light of this divide, and working towards bridging it, Telemedicare is being hailed as the next best trend in the medical industry.


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