Crystal gazing into future

Enthused by the growth of healthcare industry and fuelled by innovative intervention and prevention research, the future of healthcare industry looks promising. We at Srishti asked Vivek Shrivastava, Program Manager,about the industry and to predict five trends to unfold.

Medical Tourism

How often have we seen tourists traveling to beach or historical destinations to avail cheaper healthcare services. India, Australia, Canada and Malaysia already benefit significantly from global medical tourism because of world class health care at very affordable cost. Medical Tourism is expected to grow exponentially in future. With developing countries stepping up their healthcare services, the developed part of the world would find it cheaper to travel and avail those services. That would make standards such as ICD 10 mandatory for hospitals.

Mobile Healthcare

The verdict is out. Mobile is the most pervasive device today, cutting across affluent and not-so-rich, tech savvy and functional guy. Mobile healthcare is a vision waiting to be realized. Extending healthcare services to remote locations without setting the entire infrastructure of hospital will be cost effective solution that would emerge soon. The cost effectiveness can be transferred to the patients by providing them cheap healthcare- a win-win situation for both healthcare providers and patients.


The Clinical Decision Support System could be the next google of diagnosing diseases. The CDSS is a repertoire of diseases and their symptoms based on medical journals. The future could hold extensive use of CDSS by doctors for accurate disease diagnosis and minimize errors.

Disease Registry Solution

Disease Registry solution is being hailed as a important model for recording the occurrence of a disease with respect to a many geographical/medical factors. The data captured by disease registry could be used for further research or predicting an epidemic and many more.

Better user adoption

The next generation of doctors and other staff are expected to be more comfortable with IT then their previous generation counterparts. Usage of IT in hospitals will be way of life and manual filing of patient medical history will be considered impossible!

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