Bringing smile to your Administrative staff …


In many hospitals, despite the best-in class facilities and renowned physicians, customer experience suffers because of low integration of administrative functions. One another major factor is most hospitals are short staffed on admin functions and investment in people alone is unlikely to bring required efficiency and effectiveness. Administrative staff in hospitals can derive maximum value out of HIS because it automates the day-to-day working of a hospital, cutting down their working hours substantially. Below we list down top 5 pointers on how an HIS can help administrative staff-

Say good-bye to manual filing of patient details

With HMIS deployment, administrative staff can say good-bye to repetitive documentation, creation and movement of physical files of for good. Moreover, HIMS facilitates staff to store, retrieve and present the patient files right from registration and as and when the patient revisits the hospital.

Easy billing

Have you ever felt the sigh one feels at the counter and checkout smoothly. This is one of a key moment of truth in hospitals and one where many patients or their relative bear unnecessary delays. Billing counters wait to receive approvals and charges from various departments, often literally chasing the administrator. Often Hospitals also loose out on right billing because of delayed information or any other manual errors. An HIS system enables integrated billing to check revenue leakages. A patient’s movement within the hospital and cost incurred is updated in the billing system on a real time basis, making discharge processes substantially faster and efficient.

Easy appointment scheduling

Appointment Scheduling and informing all concerned doctors regarding the appointment well in advance can be taxing for admin staff. With HIS, for every scheduled appointment an alert goes to the concerned doctor in real time, making the processes easier.

Duty Rooster preparation

Duty rooster preparation is another area where administrative staff can struggle. Preparing duty charts for nurses, doctors after considering their available timings, informing them well in advance and managing last minute unavailability can be easily handled through an HIS.

Pharmacy accounts and Material management

It is the responsibility of the administrative staff working at pharmacy to keep exact accounts of drugs available, volume of material delivered and their movement within the hospital. This area again can be vulnerable to financial leakages. HIS facilitates exact tracking of drugs, other material within the hospital updating the records in real time. Also, it alerts the staff in case the stock of drugs and other material runs low.


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