5 Quick tips on driving user adoption

Your hospital is celebrating the implementation of HMIS. Well, hope this is not early celebration and disappointments later. Most hospital find it hard to believe despite successful implementation, the Return on investment on HMIS is not on the expected lines. The biggest casualty is the low user adoption. Despite great features and flashy screens, user departments shy away from using the solution to optimize and efficiently run their process. There goes all the investment. If your hospital fails to encourage their staff to use the implemented IT system, it would be difficult for them to realize the full potential of the IT system.

Hari Babu, Vice President, Implementation, Srishti Software, who has successfully managed 100% successful implementation, offers five quick tips to drive user adoption in your hospital. HariBabu, VP, Implementation

Lead from front

CEOs and CXOs drive impacts user adoption: The Management of your hospital can play a major role in encouraging user adoption. Their intervention in terms of additional training to the staff, moral encouragement can go a long way in driving adoption within your hospital. 

Identifying user champions

Every hospital work force has some user champions. These are people who are inclined towards technology usage. A good strategy to encourage adoption would be to empower these user champions and project them as role models. This can inspire the rest of the staff to seek help to dispel their technology fears and get started with IT.

User adoption training

Ask your HMIS vendor about user adoption training. Vendors usually conduct adoption training for user champions, enabling them to train the end users of the hospital. There is need to use to interactive training methods for better response.

Exposing the IT system early

Ask your vendor to expose the IT system to your management as early as possible. At Srishti, we expose the system at pre sales stage itself. This gives your hospital management enough time to get comfortable using the system and encourage the staff to do the same.

Module wise implementation

Module wise implementation is good strategy to drive user adoption. By implementing modules individually, your hospital staff gets enough time to get used to one module before they start exploring the next one.







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