5 Must Have HMIS Features


5 Must Haves HMIS features

Ok. So you have decided to modernize your hospital. Now the question is what are the necessary features that you must look for in your prospective HMIS.  In our second post on ‘Take 5’ this week, we tell you the five must have features:Gargi Sinha - VP, Corporate Affairs

Lead from the front

The reason most HMIS implementation fail is wariness of users towards the technological changes in hospital operations. By ensuring that the system is easy enough to be understood and handled by non-technical background staff is of essence. Also management should stress out on user adoption.

ICD-10 compatibility:

To ensure that your hospital meets international standards, ICD-10 compatibility is a must. International codification of diseases is an international standard that codifies both prevalent and rare diseases as to record the occurrence and alerts in case of a breakout.


For future expansions, it is necessary that new hospitals be added seamlessly as to have minimum effect on the running of hospital. Scalability becomes an important feature to look for in HMIS.

Financial capability:

One reason you want to go for is the financial viability. It makes sense then to check the financial modules of the proposed solution which can seal in your revenue leakages and any other financial anomalies.

Clinical suitability:

When the physician keys in the medication and the treatment plan, the system should give alerts in case of any allergic reactions present. This is a very handy tool in any HIS.

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