TeleMediCare Solution: Distances are a thing of the past




2010 census reported approximately 70 % of Indian population living in rural areas. With multiple location hospitals, super specialty hospitals fast springing up in cities catering to the 30 % of population, healthcare service availability for the rest 70 % remains a matter of concern.

Fortunately Information Technology has enabled easy and cost effective access to medicare requirements of rural communities. In simple terms, TeleMedicine is a technology that uses telecommunication and IT to setup infrastructure to reach out to people in rural areas. It helps hospitals bridge the distance barrier and make healthcare available to patients in distant rural geographies. Hospitals in cities are slowly adopting TeleMedicine to provide critical care. Srishti recommends that hospitals evaluate a TeleMedicine solution from four focal points- Goal, Data, Focus and Technology.

We have explained these four focal points below in the context of PARAS TeleMedicare solution offers:

  • Goal:               Continuous Management
  • Data:               Multi-disciplinary Care Record
  • Focus:             Patient-centric, collaborative
  • Technology:     Multi-Point IP VPN [Synchronous]
                          Multi-Point IVRS [Synchronous]
                          Multi-Point Video-conferencing [Synchronous]
                          Multi-Point Call Centre [Asynchronous]
                          Multi-Point Store & Forward [Asynchronous]

 Functional features of PARAS TeleMediCare

  • Emphasis on connection and partnership rather than isolation and self-sufficiency
  • Care is delivered seamlessly through a chain of interconnected disciplines
  • The network enables knowledge (expertise) to be distributed
  • Patients remain in their community while receiving expert care through this network
  • Clinical networks strengthen the role of primary care in acute health care
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