EMR: Bursting Top 5 Myths

5 EMR Adoption Barriers

According the CDC report, 57% of physicians use some kind of EHR/EMR system. Considering the value of EMR on overall patient care, the adoption rate has to substantially improve. Why is the adoption rate low? What could be improved to gain the efficiencies? Below are the five reasons that physicians cite for not using EMR.

"Too time consuming":
PARAS EMR is a time reducing mechanism which simplifies healthcare workflows.

"Very technical":
PARAS EMR/ EHR system is built to be understood and used by doctors who have no technical background.

"It is very costly":
PARAS EMR system cut costs in terms of space and time that goes in storing and searching for physical medical records.

"ROI not very good":
The Return on Investment though slow initially, physicians start reaping benefits after 2 years.

"Doctors are not keen on it":
Healthcare management should train and re-train their doctors about the benefits of incorporating IT in healthcare.

Electronic Medical Record is a good tool for improving patient care. It streamlines the patient care and brings accountability to every user.

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