Driving "Meaningful Use" of EMR - II


Apart the core requirements that we talked about in our last blog, there 5 features which are crucial to achieve "meaningful use" of EMR:

  • Comprehensive and seamlessly integrated Lab Information System into EHR.

  • Send reminders to patients for follow-ups

  • Medication reconciliation

  • Provide summary care record for transitions in care or referrals.

  • Capability to submit electronic data to immunization registries and actual submission

Extensive user adoption is key to achieving EMR goals. The onus lies with the Healthcare institution management to ensure that all stake holders have been prepared to adopt the technology encouraged to acquire/develop requisite skills to get the most out of it. PARAS successful implementation has taught us the key to higher ROI is user acceptance and use. we suggest a three pronged approach to successful roll out of EMR:

1) educate all users through extensive and detailed training and information workshops

2) identify internal champions would could be spoke person for the EMR

3) constantly monitor and guide the implementation at various stages

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