Driving "Meaningful Use" of EMR - I

Five Core EMR Features

To ensure that EMR is an effective tool in patient care, healthcare IT laws dictate that certain features be built in the system while certain features are deemed desirable. Five core features in PARAS healthcare suite that a healthcare institution must have in their EMR are:

  • Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) is a system tool which is accessed by physician to place medication order for patients.
  • When a physician prescribes medication, the system should alert in case there is drug to drug allergy or drug to food allergy.
  • The system must capture and reflect the demographic details of patients like age, sex, medical history, etc at all times to ensure an effective patient care.
  • To better map and study the occurrence of diseases, ICD-10 codes should be followed.
  • CDSS or Clinical Decision Support System is an artificial intelligence feature that studies patient data to arrive at a case-specific advice that enable the physician to arrive at correct diagnosis.
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