Optimizing Patient Care



Nursing is an integral part of care process. Nurses in most hospitals do multiple functions, right from admin support, clinical care and physician support. Nurses dawn general support roles managing wards to specific stations, say trauma care, etc. However, when new IT systems are rolled out or refreshed, seldom fine analysis is done to see how to maximize the value of this function. With high turnover and increasing costs, hospital administrators are looking to optimize:

  • Monitored Nurse-patient ratio
  • Better role definition
  • Streamlined process
  • Resource optimization


PARAS HMIS considers nursing function not just as a supportive one, but central to effectiveness of the hospital. PARAS HMIS allocates resources according the requirement, notifying in case ratio is not met. HMIS provided the hospitals with a platform to monitor and better manage the nursing resources. It maps the resources to different stations in healthcare environment. This helped cut down hours and resource was optimized. Another hidden benefit was the low attrition rates.

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