Towards unified approach to healthcare delivery

Towards unified care delivery


For a multi location hospital to operate smoothly, patient health information must be easily and readily available at all locations. Availability of such information assists the doctors in delivering consistent and efficient patient care because there would be no information loss.

Second, centralized storing and decentralized use of patient health information help the hospital in their continual research and advanced patient care process. To facilitate the sharing and electronic storage, HMIS system uses EHR (Electronic Health record) to store patient data.

We assisted several client hospitals in making seamless transition from paper files to electronic storage. By using Paras EHR, they not just saved substantial revenue on stationary, storage of files but also utilizing extra human resource involved in managing those files into providing patient care. Moving files online made patient health information instantly available within a hospital and across all locations of a multi location hospital enabling continuity of patient care.


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