Keeping a tab on business pulse


With a burgeoning global economy, to keep track of all your hospital operations and to make viable business decisions, it becomes essential that the CFOs, CXOs, and CTOs are well informed about various aspects of the healthcare business. Multilocational hospital management often stumble at this point. Since, it is not possible for all the decision makers to be familiar with every aspect of each location, a system that can fetch and translate necessary data becomes need of the hour.

PARAS HMIS, a Srishti Software Hospital Information System, has multilocational capabilities that takes in data from all centers’, consolidates them and helps in decision making process. The data is presented in such a way that it speaks individually to all decision makers. The system can be configured to deliver daily, weekly or monthly reports to the main centre.

Benefits of such a system:

  • Centralized monitoring

  • Focused decision making

  • Reliable business tool

  • Real time information

  • No operational backlogs

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