Managing more with less

Created on Saturday, 05 May 2012

Healthcare, has moved from high-touch simple self-concoction of registered medical practitioner days to nursing homes and now specialty hospitals. Earlier, When one patient traveled from one location to another, he had to carry all his medical history, reports, diagnosis and treatment with him.

Healthcare has now gone beyond the process of just consultation, diagnosis and treatment. With HIS being in place, this practice has increasingly become redundant. With mobile workforce and connected world, the patient records are pervasive and must be accessible at any place. Once the hospital and HIS are in place, the system runs smoothly. But when it wants to spread its operations by adding a new location, hospitals often struggle with connecting remote locations.

Srishti took on this challenge when a client decided to add a sister hospital to its existing HIS. PARAS HMIS has been built that any number of establishments can be added and inter-connected.

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