Scale your business

Scaling up and growing business is critical for sustenance and success. In hospital scenario, scaling a single location hospital to multi location is a first sign of growth. Scaling brings its own complexity.

Many companies in healthcare and others have bitten dust when their organizational process did not facilitate grounds up view, the visibility into the activities are limited. In the context of hospital's growth, availability of HMIS ensures right information is available to make the right decisions.

From IT perspective, once hospital decides to scale its operation in another location, it requires the existing servers to take extra load, which in many cases can crash the server. PARAS is designed to offer a fully scalable architecture that allows a business to grow without fearing redundancy.

In case the patient load increases, it just necessitates addition of extra servers to the architecture. This architecture lets multiple location hospitals function smoothly. With PARAS HMIS client hospitals are assured to grow their business without over hauling their HMIS.

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