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What makes a great product?

All businesses thrive to make its product a richer experience for customers. Every financial year, substantial amount of resources are spent chalking out the development path of the product and its relevance in futuristic market. But, there are numerous instances where a world-class product has failed to garner the attention of the market.


Acing both halves of the sales cycle

In the fast paced global market today, time is money. Every minute wasted in resurrecting non-functional software or a technical glitch drains your organization’s resources. Precisely the reason why, every technical glitch experienced by our clients is treated with utmost urgency at Srishti.



Listen to your employees

"Listen to your employees. It doesn't make any sense to spend all that time and effort to find and hire the best people if you are just going to ignore their input". is an often quoted advice from Management gurus. At Srishti, silence is golden, but an effective argument is a worthless diamond.


One Product, Different Languages


 Glocalization is a strategy of designing core products with local flavour so that every customer relates to it. Glocalization is an important step in business strategies. Healthcare is one such industry where the world is constantly shrinking.


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