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Simplify: Building an intuitive product

If implementing an HIS system in a hospital is tough, encouraging users to actually use the system is tougher. And, it does not get any better if the front end of HIS is complicated. If the hospital staff cannot navigate from the first registration screen to the next, it is unlikely that the registration time for patients would ever come down.


Celebrating the difference



In today’s globalized industries and shrinking national boundaries, it is quite common for many companies to have collaborating workforce coordinating their job content across many continents, many time zones and work cultures.






Success is better when achieved together

At Srishti, we understand that innovation adds value to business development. We have helped hospitals align their business process, management and revenue by engineering PARAS- a multi location HIS product.




We have a responsibility to our clients

Circa 2009 when the global economic slow-down dragged the revenues of many companies and forced them to rethink their market strategies, Srishti witnessed a robust revenue upsurge. What is the truth behind this? Simple, Watson, it is KISS, keep it simple in all aspects of product, right from design, implementation, user support and post-implementation support.


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