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Work-life balance for moms' at Srishti

Motherhood is a blessing that makes every woman complete and we cherish every moment of being a mother. It is the most challenging, rewarding, exciting, role that every woman plays in her life.


Building a World Class product

A world class healthcare product not only confirms to all the international standards, seamlessly integrate with other systems, have shorter implementation and finally high ease of use.



Building Tomorrow’s product, Today

How many times did you buy the latest mobile phone available in the market, only to be upstaged by your friend who bought a better mobile released just 15 days after you bought yours? 


How do we make inroads in new market?

At Srishti, we are fast making inroads in global markets. Starting in our own backyard, India we have successfully gone to register our presence in other developing markets. While we are proud of our footprints, the rate at which the development has happened has been exceptional.


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