HMIS implementation fails because user champions cannot cope up with change

“HMIS implementation fails because user champions in hospitals cannot cope up with change. It is upon us, the HMIS providers to bring in the change as smoothly as possible to ease change management. This is where Srishti Software thrives and implements successfully”, said Dr. Vinoy Singh, Head, Health Informatics, Srishti Software at the International Conference on Healthcare IT and Medical Informatics organized by Indian Association of Medical Informatics and AMEN, a healthcare management consulting company.

He shared the secret behind 100% successful implementation of PARAS, our HMIS product for hospitals to the audience. He described a typical PARAS implementation process which starts from pre sales and goes on with planning, system analysis/user training, Customization, User Training/testing, Data Migration, Parallel Live, Live and Support and Maintenance. He then spoke about how at Srishti the change management is addressed by letting user champions use the product in pre-sales phase itself and by implementing the modules step by step for seamless adoption. His summed up by saying “While there is no quick tip for successful implementation, it is important to redefine the parameters if required and keep going back to the goals set initially”.

The event was attended by most of the prominent names in the Healthcare fraternity and provided a very good platform for networking. Srishti Software was also represented in the exhibitor arena.

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