Gender equality at Srishti


Unlike the staid Victorian era, where women mostly tended to domestic chore, today they form the formidable part of productive workforce across Industry. Information technology sector has attracted doves of women professionals, from developers, managers to CEO.

Srishti, a pioneer in Healthcare IT, recognized the power of women right from its inception. Srishti actively encourages equal opportunity irrespective of genders and emphasizes on meritocracy. For Srishti employees are the most valuable asset of the company and they are treated equally irrespective of their gender.  With its progressive policies, Srishti today has built a formidable team which also includes many women who successfully manage their commitments at home and professional development with aplomb. Many critical functions are owned and driven by competent and committed professionals, both men and women.

Investing in gender equality has been the corner stone of Srisht's growth and success.

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