Time Management; Work Life Balance


The pendulum and hour-glass are great examples which show that time has always played a vital role from the ancient age. With the discovery of the hour glass, we understand that managing time was the goal of our ancestors as well. Time management has become a necessary tool to manage one’s personal and corporate life. Effective time management has become a part of every company. Work life balance is one of the prime areas of time management.

Grooming personal life and nurturing one’s body and mind is what enhances the performance. Most professionals tend to ignore their personal life and compel their co-workers to do the same to increase the productivity and performance. Recent researches state the fact that the productivity of a company increases when the employees work with a stress-free and tranquil mind. Hence grooming one’s personal life and rejuvenating oneself by being involved in sports, hobbies and spending time with family can reduce one’s stress leading to better performance.

Srishti dedicates time to understand and prioritize its employees’ needs and encourages employees to spend time with their family and friends. Srishti always appreciates those employees who can effectively manage their time by giving equal attention to work and personal life. With flexible working hours, and certainly no pain of night or rotational shifts, employees are enjoying and meeting their career goals with the help of time management system at Srishti.

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