Srishti’s Social media platform boosting business growth and employee morale

Social media that plays a vital role in imparting knowledge of current trends and updating technology has now failed to make its relevant presence in many of the companies. Since many companies believe that social media is a prime source of distraction affecting employee’s performance, it has been invariably considered as a disadvantage in work processes.

Though social media possess sufficient amount of pros and cons, considering its positive side and shaping its purpose to employees benefit is what every company should look for. Srishti being one of the companies, to boost employee morale has given a unique position for social media platforms within the company. The employees are allowed to access different social media platforms in order to help them learn about their product functionality.

Every week Srishti posts its product and corporate blogs on different social media websites in order to update the employees of their latest product functionality. Besides, Srishti is making its presence loud and clear in the current market scenario by actively being part of social media platform and enabling better business growth. With its innovative social media strategies, Srishti is updating about its giant strides in healthcare industry through various social media platforms.  Hence social media is playing a pivotal role in Srishti, boosting business growth and employee morale.

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