Srishti unveils its unique corporate culture

Corporate culture reflects on an organization’s personality. Awareness of corporate culture is mandatory to nurture ones performance and career goals. Corporate culture can be understood by observation and interaction within the organization.  Every organization’s culture is unique. Culture is created with the core values and principles, corporate ethics, management behavior, corporate attire and interiors of a company.

Srishti reflects its commitment and core value by stating ‘A quality of individual or organization that gives purposes to the work and brings forth anything and everything that takes to accomplish these purposes.’ With its abiding commitment to accomplish work goals, Sristhi follows its work and corporate culture in its unique way. Srishti believes that employees are the main resource of the organization and hence nurtures its employees by inculcating an appropriate corporate culture, spelling in on employees dress code, interior decors, assigning the right designation and professional communication.

Srishti’s dress code policy encourages employees towards their ethnicity and professionalism. The core culture of Srishti reflecting on professional communication has enabled Srishti to symbolize authenticity of the company. The employees with excellent ability to perform better tasks are exposed with growing opportunities and better designations. Besides, Srishti also became part of Vishaka committee, to encourage safe woman working environments. The frequent health checkups such as beauty and eye checkup have boosted employees’ morale, thereby unveiling the uniqueness of corporate culture.

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