Importance of ISO certification for product companies


An organization’s role is to deliver quality products. The quality product of the company not only symbolizes excellence but also makes the client experience always positive. It is henceforth necessary for every organization’s product to be recognized as ISO standard product in order to exude confidence in  terms of quality and class.

ISO known as international standards of organization ensures that the products and the services of the company are safe and adhering to quality assurance standards. ISO certified products signal certain quality and production efficiencies to customers and markets.

Srishti has always strived to provide the best in class products and solutions to its customers.  Towards this commitment,  Srishti had implemented ISO standards and is certified as meeting  ISO 9001:2008 standards.   

Srishti’s operations have been officially certified as ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System by BSI India, under ANAB Accreditation since 2008. Under the same certification, Srishti’s operations are re accessed by BSI every year as a part of their continual quality assessment. Srishti that ensures reliable and good quality product is recognized by ISO certification that minimizes wastes and errors, increasing productivity.

With ISO-certification, we realize we have set up commitment high and living up to it reflecting on better quality and productivity.

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