Srishti’s initiative to ensure safe working environment for women employees



Since the introduction of Victorian era that touched on the aspects of gender equality and emphasized on women empowerment to this century, woman empowerment has been going through various struggles to take a firm stand in the society. Empowering women is an indispensable tool for betterment of society. Empowered women not only contribute towards the betterment of society but also uplifts the standards of living.

It is said that a woman is entitled to live in dignity and freedom.. Women are good at multi-tasking, their passion to excel can drive quality outcomes. Hence companies should always prioritize and give equal importance to women and men.

With this, best in class employers are first to adopt any legislation or practice that brings equality and equal opportunities to all their employees. Companies like Srishti are creating safer working environment for all employees, whether they are women or minorities or challenged. 

Taking cognizance of the recent Supreme Court directive, Srishti has formed a Vishaka committee to ensure a safe working environment to all the women employees. Vishaka committee would address issues of sexual harassment at working places.The four member committee has members from both the senior and middle management and the committee shall work under globally accepted principles. With this Srishti not only ensures safe working conditions for woman at workplace but also time to time helps woman employees to rediscover their abilities and work towards the betterment of their career growth. Hence women employees in Srishti enjoy their freedom to explore, grow and exude confidence while working in safe working environment.

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