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Most of the organizations during economic crisis either stop recruiting or hire the experienced professionals, relying on the belief that the cost of training and learning can be drastically reduced. But the question that arises is how far the industry professionals are well equipped to cope up with the new challenges, drawing adequate amount of pay. Most of the organizations fail to perform, despite hiring the experienced professional shelling out huge amount of money. Economic crisis is not the time when great companies ignore their employees’ growth.

Srishti even during these tough times invests in its key resource: people. Srishti hires employees for their attitude and aptitude and their ability to think out of the box. Srishti realizes passion to excel is an important hallmark of all champions and goes extra mile to hire and staff exemplary employees. Srishti believes in training and preparing employees to evolve from do, improve and innovate role.  While experience is highly valuable commodity, sticking to the older ways without validating the changed content may sometimes stifle creativity. Hence Srishti believes in the right mix of wise and experienced and fresh and young minds. 

Hence Srishti helps its employees grow by welcoming their innovative ideas, giving a new shape to their ideas with appropriate training conducted by experienced professionals of the company and helping new employees achieve the client’s success.

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