Why is employee engagement very important in an organization?


Most of the organizations tend to ignore employee activities and significantly focus to increase the output of employees without any recreational activities. It is therefore on their belief that the recreational activities consume more time, killing the employee’s productivity.

But how many organizations are thriving with success with good employee engagement activities? As we observe, the organization with more employee engagement activities perform better with a good work atmosphere. Employees tend to get refreshed with activities and also start to respect the company and atmosphere. It is mandatory for every employee to develop love for the company before he starts to work. Employees are the biggest investment and should bring the greatest reward. Hence fostering a positive working environment, inculcating the feeling of family are some of the prime areas of the employee engagement.

Employees tend to spend more time at office than with their families and hence it is mandatory for the organization to build strong relationships among co-workers and motivate them to excel in their career. Hence Srishti takes imperative measures to ensure that their employees are always satisfied to enhance their performance.

Srishti finds new and innovative ways to boost morale, retain talent and increase productivity, in order to gain a competitive advantage. Srishti’s abiding interest towards employee’s growth has increased the performance of the employees and enhanced the job satisfaction among the co-workers. The recent festival celebrations and ethnic day activities unleashed the talents of employees and increased the feeling of family hood among the workers. The regular functional training sessions for employees has always reflected on employees’ career growth and performance. Besides, its equal priority to family and work has always made its employees to express gratitude and show respect. With this, Srishti plays a great role in boosting its employee’s and company’s success.

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