Employee speak- Deepak Rathore’s successful growth in Srishti.


Many employees aspire to become successful and valued professionals, but only few of them reach the summit.  Employees brimming with passion to excel and an ability to work hard become successful and respected professionals of their tribe. Srishti always offers platform to those employees, who has passion to grow in their career life. One of our employees, Deepak Rathore has scaled professional development and attained growth driven by his zeal for continuous improvement and untiring attitude to excel at all activities.

Deepak, being a functional analyst at Srishti shows laudable commitment, unstinted interest to learn and document new things and undiminishing passion to grow. His attitude towards work and his prodigious skills has made him to be one of the best performers of Srishti Software.

A brief about Deepak Rathore.

Joined Srishti Software in the year 2010 as functional analyst. His eagerness to learn and excel has inspired many employees, lets us know the secret behind his success.

1. How do you analyze the functional requirements of various hospitals?

Requirement gathering is a challenging task. We have to ensure the problem is rightly analyzed, and correct information needs are identified. Hence, after analysis we use a best practice approach to uncover all issues from multiple perspectives and resolve them. We also cover the complete flow of the organization and desist functional traps. We make sure the product will be more configurable and hence provide integrated features to all the clients.

2. What are the problems you face while identifying gaps and configuring the system based on gap analysis?

Healthcare industry is a complex one. Many levels of institutions and multiple processes at various organizations make the requirement analysis a challenging task. Every hospital has its own process nuances and idiosyncrasies of information flow and management control. Managing all the clients’ expectations, collate their requirements and covering complete process flow in what our task quite interesting and professionally rewarding. So while preparing the GAP analysis, complete knowledge of the Product and best practices in industry is required along with a appropriate software like PARAS that provides ease to configure all the requirements and process flow that sometimes can rely on sometimes small customization.

3. How challenging it is for you to train the users?

Training the users requires complete knowledge of the current process flow, proposed process flow, their interlinking and understanding of users mind set. It’s really difficult sometimes to train the users for new flow or process when users are of old age (probably above 40) or have least technical skills .Sometimes the users are not very much keen to accept the changes that enables  better results.

4. How long have you been in Srishti and how has Srishti helped you to grow your career life?

I have been with Srishti for the last 3.25 yrs and Srishti has given me a platform to learn the trends in healthcare industry and has provided me opportunities to interact with different people and variety of healthcare industry experts in the market. The Support and guidance of seniors Srishti with good working culture makes me confident enough to face any challenge.

5. How effectively it is to coordinate the work with PARAS team outside and inside Srishti?

As an Implementation Consultant, I have to be available onsite with client, to understand the process flow and prepare the GAP analysis and SRS documents. At the same time, I have to make sure the requirements gathered are properly communicated to the offshore team. This is a challenging job. But Srishti’s appropriate working culture and communication system is designed in such a way that communication and tracking of tasks and functionality has become effective and helpful.

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