Srishti loves to go Desi !!!


Now a days people tend to follow western style or so called “MNC culture”. With all these distractions around, we forget our own customs and practices. But at Srishti, we are always Desi by heart.

Indian tradition and culture has gained innumerable appreciation and admiration from across the world. From the traditional clothing to traditional food, India flaunts to showcase its delicate creativity and innovation. The intricate designs in clothes, rangolis and jewelries has always been the symbol of elegance and royalty. Srishti, the inborn Indian company loves to embrace Indian tradition and culture in every path of its work. From the time of celebrating various festivals to the time of welcoming delegates, Srishti loves to go Desi.

Recently, Srishti enjoyed its pride in welcoming the delegates in Desi style. The colorful rangolis, the interior designs and the floral arrangements enchanted the delegates from UK. The day was filled with joy and happiness that again reminded people of ‘Athiti Devobhava’. Srishti with its outstanding performance in healthcare IT, now treaded to unleash its  hidden talents from its employees. The employees not only enjoyed some desi refreshments but also got the chance to showcase their talents in various creative areas. While some employees with extremely good artistic skills designed intricate rangolis, other employees were busy deciding to fabricate the desi interior structure. Besides, Floral arrangements around the entire office overwhelmed the delegates from UK. The day passed with joy, happiness and fun, reminding everybody of the rich heritage and culture of India.

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