Srishti is on Dias and events……

Dr. Vinoy Singh, Head of Healthcare Informatics at Srishti Software provided his insights on “Role of Technology in Patient’s Safety” at Healthex International 2013 conducted last week. Dr. Vinoy’s speech was well appreciated  from doctors across the world. Other participants including medical students benefited from his insightful lively session.

Srishti was not just on Dias, but also actively participated in the Healthex International Event by putting up its product stalls to showcase its world class products and solutions. Our product team had a field day to showcase their products and their talents to CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, Healthcare Professionals, Healthcare Software Developers, Key Government officials, NGOs, and Patient groups. Participants from the public and private sectors thronged to our stalls and were enthused with our products. Srishti’s active participation in events and award functions has always been a good room for employee’s growth and achievement. As always, we at Srishti celebrated the magic moments of Dr. Vinoy on Dias and the product team enjoyed in the stalls. Your success drive Srishti.

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