How Srishti’s team of doctors help other healthcare professionals.


Good cutters know what to cut and when to stop to make the jewel glow. At Srishti all our products are chiseled not just from technology perspective: from data base optimization or browser compatibility perspective, but also from domain perspective. Srishti’s domain experts are hard knuckled doctors who have held scalpels and stethoscopes. They bring on extensive OT and administrative experience to design the right process, meeting your requirements today, but also can extend to meet the standards emerging tomorrow. As practitioners who have administered large hospitals, they bring to the solutions key features that help you discover and chisel waste, arrest leakage and provide world class customer care. PARAS is a product developed by software professionals based on doctors prescriptions for use of doctors.

Many accolades and awards won by Srishti is an endorsement of the deep domain knowledge provided by our in-house team of doctors and our software professionals who have designed an excellent, easy to use product.  This unique combination of team of doctors and techies working together helps Srishti to bring out new innovations in hospital IT. The combination has helped many hospitals deploying PARAS not only streamline their hospitals’ flow but has also overcome several challenges.

Srishti gratefully acknowledges its gratitude to the doctors who are helping design appropriate solutions that makes healthcare affordable and profitable.

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